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Karlo Garage Doors & Gates, INC has been specializing in quality garage door spring repair and spring replacement to customers around California for more than two decades. We are viewed as an industry leader offering our customers incredible garage door spring repair services and other professional garage door services. 

Springs on your garage doors may seem like a small issue but in actuality, it’s one of the more important parts of your garage door. So don’t hesitate in calling us as soon as theres a problem.

Repairing your garage torsion springs can be very trick, complicated and more-so even dangerous. That’s why you should always leave the repairs (at least with garage doors), to the experts. And what better experts to work with than us here at Karlo Garage Doors & Gates, INC. Our licensed technicians are properly trained and experienced in changing, replacing, and repairing torsion springs. We take all the precautions when working with torsion springs to not risk any injury to ourselves and to make sure our customers won’t be injured in the future.

Garage Door Springs Can Be Dangerous

A bad garage door spring, if not properly tended to in a timely manner, can cause huge issues for your garage door. Karlo Garage Doors & Gates is the type of company that knows exactly how to appropriately repair all garage door springs. Because there is a substantial collection of garage doors, it is crucial a skillfully trained technician handles repairing the garage door springs. We will get the job done right the first time, so that you won’t have to repair or replace your garage door springs for many years.

Repairing garage door springs by yourself can be a very dangerous task, and that is why you should have an expert do it for you. The garage springs are wound very tightly and using the wrong type of repair methods can potentially lead to critical injury or possibly death. This is why, it is essential for a certified garage door technician to repair your springs. We take every safety precaution to guarantee that the spring repair process goes effortlessly and without any issues. We’re highly skilled and will follow specific safety procedures.

Leave It To The Experts

Replacing broken garage door spring requires the attention of a professional. At Karlo Garage Doors & Gates, we take a perfect measurement of the damaged springs to ensure that the new springs are of exact size and shape. In addition to this, we unwind the existing extension spring in order to lower the garage door during the process.

We’re the community’s main asset for all that you have to keep your garage door both utilitarian and stylishly appealing. 

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to supplant a current overhead door or you need another garage door opener to make your present system more advantageous, we’ll help you to discover precisely what you require. We are locally-owned and operated and a part of the community.

Regardless of your requirement to make your garage door functional and aesthetically attractive, We will be there when you need us, instantly, every single time. We are perceived as a standout among the most reputable and trusted garage door specialist.


Our company stocks and are familiar with all the major garage door brands.



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